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Fill the form in the I NEED A BIKE section
Show your ID card and get a rover at one of the stations
Return the rover for other settlers to use

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Project Team

We are a grassroots initiative that unites people from different fields. We want to help those who lost everything due to the war with russia and were forced to move to Lviv. In March 2022, we responded to the request of refugees to help them with bikes and brought 100 of them to Lviv from Copenhagen. It would be impossible without our Danish partner Bikes4Ukraine.

The Lviv City Council supported the project and provided us with future bike workshop space - Rover LAB. We plan to make Rover.rent headquarters there with renting facility and event space. It will be the place jointly created by Lviv residents with refugees for refugees.

We believe that a bikes are powerful tool for integrating our guests into the life of Lviv. They give you freedom of movement around the city without extra cost and invisibly pooshing eco-agenda. Join our team if our thoughts and values (desires and capabilities?) are similar to ours :)